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JVOOV™ Esssential Oils are 100% Pure, Food Grade Oils that are Kosher, cGMP Certified, Undiluted, Highly Concentrated, contain ZERO fillers or synthetic additives. Get the highest quality essential oils available at amazing prices with Provident Nutrition.

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JVOOV™ Lavender Essential Oil is a potent, aromatic essential oil that’s already one of our most popular essential oils. And right now is your chance to TRY IT FOR FREE! Lavender Essential Oil helps in a variety of ways from boosting the mood, to helping you feel more relaxed.

Try using Lavender Essential Oil at home or at your office to help you feel more relaxed and stressed free.

reg. $20.95 a Bottle

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Check Your Email to Receive Your FREE Bottle

WHY WE’RE GIVING AWAY THESE JVOOV™ ESSENTIAL OILS: Provident Nutrition is an all-new source for key nutritional products available to improve your health. JVOOV™ Essential Oils are a new line of essential oils and the highest quality oils available. We’re so excited to share these oils so people like you can try them and discover for yourself how good they really are. We would love your feedback after trying these oils, and we can’t wait to get them to you.

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