Fish Collagen Benefits

The collagen supplement market is growing rapidly as people are finding the remarkable benefits of taking it. Fish collagen supplement benefits are the same and regular collagen, despite having a different base.

What is Fish Collagen?

You may hear the name and cringe slightly. But don’t judge before you try it!

Fish collagen is a type I collagen, which is what’s most abundant in your body. This type of collagen plays the main role in keeping your skin beautiful and your bones and connective tissues strong.

Fish collagen peptides have a high concentration of proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. The hydroxyproline peptides are not totally transformed into amino acids and help to stimulate cells in the joints, bones, and skin. This leads to collagen synthesis through growth and cell activation.

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Fish Collagen Supplement Benefits

1.Better Absorption

One of the biggest benefits of fish collagen is that it absorbs up to 1.5 times better than bovine or porcine collagen supplements. Because it is absorbed more completely and quickly, it’s thought to be the top choice for medical purposes.

Fish collagen is so easily absorbed because it has a lower molecular size and weight. This allows the collagen to be absorbed into the intestines and bloodstream at a higher level.

The collagen is then absorbed into the skin, joints, and bones making them stronger than before.

2. Protein Boost

Regular collagen doesn’t contain much protein, but fish collagen more than 97% protein and had no sugar, carbs, or fat. Not many supplements or foods can offer that kind of pure protein.

The collagen will help your bones and joints stay strong while the protein will work in your muscles to get you a better workout and quicker recovery time.

3. Increased Collagen Production

With age, the body’s natural collagen depletes, resulting in wrinkles and dull skin. However, fish collagen showed in a 2015 study that it helps to increase collagen synthesis and improve the quality of it.

It also works to increase bone density and can reverse the symptoms of osteoarthritis. People over the age of 60 who take collagen can greatly benefit from it.

4. Anti-Aging Benefits

Another way that older people will see fish collagen supplement benefits is in the mirror. Collagen is most acclaimed for its anti-aging benefits that reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and makes skin look dewier.

A study published in the Open Nutraceuticals Journal in 2015 found that hydrolyzed fish collagen can help the skin retain more moisture, elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. Because fish collagen is a type I collagen, which is found in most abundance in the skin, it can be more effective than normal collagen.

JVOOV™ Fish Collagen

Fish Collagen Supplement Benefits

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