L-arginine supplements are being used to treat high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction (ED), and giving athletes the added blood flow their muscles need. The benefits and uses of l-arginine are diverse and are truly for anyone.

Benefits and Uses of L-Arginine

Improved Heart Health

L-arginine is the precursor to the compound nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide increases blood flow and allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach your heart.

It increases blood flow by opening up and relaxing constricted blood vessels. When there’s more blood flowing throughout your body, your heart doesn’t have to work so hard to pump it.

People with high blood pressure can benefit greatly from increased levels of nitric oxide since it can help lower blood pressure and even lower the risk of developing heart disease.

Improved blood flow can also decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, keeping your arteries and blood vessels healthier.

Enhanced Exercise Endurance

One of the most upcoming and popular uses for l-arginine is for athletes and bodybuilders to maximize their results. By increasing blood flow, the muscles can receive more oxygen and nutrients to let them push harder.

Athletes should take about 3-6 grams of l-arginine to get the best results. L-arginine has also been shown to build lean muscle mass than if you’re not taking it.

One study also found that weightlifters were able to do a rep at their maxed out weight with l-arginine helping them.

Better Immune System

Who doesn’t like to stay cold-free all year long? L-arginine gives your immune system a boost by increasing the production of T-cells.

It also helps to fight off and prevent infections post-surgery as well as speeds up recovery time. Swelling and inflammation are also minimized when taking l-arginine.

Sexual Vigor and Function

Older people are finding that l-arginine can work just as well as popular medications used for ED. Sexual desire and function can decrease naturally with age and l-arginine is a natural way to combat that.

L-arginine isn’t just for men either; women can also benefit from taking it. The nitric oxide boost with help blood flow to all parts of the body and increase sexual function.

Certain studies have even found that l-arginine can increase fertility in men and women. Try taking it once a day to help increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Faster Recovery Time

L-arginine reduces recovery time since it lowers the amount of lactic acid the muscles make. With a faster recovery time means that you can push yourself harder each day and not have to take days off to recover.

Being sore for less time also makes life more enjoyable. It also means that it helps muscles to build faster and push harder the next time around.

The benefits and uses of l-arginine can be applied to anyone. Whether you want better overall health, more lean muscle, or better sexual function, l-arginine is the supplement to use.

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